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My goal in creating this blog is simple, world domina... eh um, I mean I love video games but am frustrated by how the mainstream media providers for games always have different opinions then I do. If you want a trustworthy review, you have to find someone who likes the same things you do in games, then see what he says about them. What I really want is to use this blog as a stepping stone to a full-fledged website where you can find someone who has similar tastes as you, then follow what they have to say, whether it be impressions of the latest news or reviews of games.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What does a PlayStation fan think of PS Move...

So after the debut of the new PlayStation move motion controller at the GDC in San Fran, I decided to sit down and meditate on what I think of it. I watched vids and read articles featuring various impressions of it, all of which seemed to say absolutely nothing interesting or useful to me personally.
I am a fan of Zipper Interactive which will be featuring it in their new Socom title but that didn't really excite me whatsoever. Basically what I've decided is that I like the potential of it. At this point all of the wii sportsesque games have abosulutely no appeal to me, and even the whole FPS idea of using it doesn't really excite me because I have no problem with using a Dualshock for those type of games. What does make it appealing however, is its super responsive interface when coupled with the PS eye that allows nearly any movement to be recognized and replicated on screen.
Basically to me, this could revolutionize games that involve anything from swords and lightsabers to keyblades, because lets face it, what's better, pressing a button to dessimate a hearltess, or a perfectly replicated swing from your controller. The Wii pioneered that concept, but their controller fails. Just shaking it to slash a sword is cool for like 5 seconds, then you realize that its not so different from just pressing a button.
So at this point there isn't any titles that make me want to go out and buy this thing when it launches, but I have high expectations for the hardware and for the software it may lead to. I want perfectly mimicked keyblade movements in HD... that's all I've ever wanted...

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